Welcome to the B2B matching system,

in this page you will find information about your state of validation and appointment requests. 

Through the menu at the top of the page you can access the different sections of the platform, which are explained below.


How to use the platform:

  1. Fill in your Profile :
    • fill in and keep updated every section of your company profile, essential tool to present your company to other participants
  2. Set your Time availability :
    • by clicking on the slots, you can colour in green the time slots when you are available and red those when you are not available
  3. Send an appointment requests to other participants:
    • view companies in the participants list and request an appointment to those you are interested in, by clicking on the icon next to the participant name
  4. Manage your appointment requests:
    • set the importance of a meeting by using a five-star rate system. The system creates your meeting schedule according to the rate given to each request, starting from those you consider more important.
    • do not leave pending meeting requests: accept or decline the appointment requests received in order to let the platform work at its best
  5. Check your Agenda:
    • appointments are automatically scheduled by the platform on the participants agenda, according to their time availability, maximizing the number of meetings.
    • once the agendas are frozen, appointments are scheduled at a precise date and time 
    • print your agendas and prepare for your meetings.



In this section you can add all the information needed to present your company.

  • Company profile: Enter a brief and effective description to present your company, emphasizing the products / services you want to promote on this particular occasion. The more accurate your presentation, the more opportunity to arise interest and capture the attention of the other participants.
  • Additional specifications: select among the proposed fields those that best define your business or the reason of your participation in the event.



In this section you can manage your availability of time.

  • Click on the slots and colour in green the time slots when you are available and red those when you are not available. Appointments are automatically scheduled by the platform in the green slots.
    Nb. Do not change your availability after the agendas are frozen without informing the organization.

Remember that if a meeting of your interest results as "not schedulable" in the Requests section, you can increase your time availability, so that the system has greater possibility of finding a time slot available for both users in which to plan the meeting, otherwise you can higher the priority given to a participant, by rising the number of stars. The system will try to find a common slot to plan the appointment.  


View the companies in the list of participants and suggested meetings, and request appointments to companies of your interest

  • Filters: select the search criteria to identify companies that are closest to your interests
  • Appointment requests: once identified the companies you are interested in, you can view their profile by clicking on the eye icon and request them an appointment by using the handshake button  


Manage your appointment requests: put in order your apponitments requests on the base of the importance you give to the meeting, accept or decline the meeting requests received – remember to do not leave pending requests!

  • Order the requests you made, by assigning the stars according to the importance of the meeting.
  • Schedule an appointment: the accepted appointments are automatically scheduled by the platform on the users agendas, depending on the time availability set by the participants.

You can view the scheduled meeting in the Agenda section, where appointments will be considered definitive once the agenda is freezed.

  • Schedulable appointments: the appointment can be arranged and will be automatically placed on your agenda by the platform if your time availability matches that of the other participant.
  • Not schedulable: the appointment cannot be organized because the availabilities of the participants do not match. Increase your time availability to have more chance of scheduling the appointment. 



Your Agendas is optimized by the system to ensure the highest number of appointments to all participants.

  • How it works: accepted appointments are automatically scheduled by the platform on the users agenda, depending on the time availability set by the participants. The appointments will be considered definitive once the agenda is freezed.
  • Re-scheduled appointments: meetings are continuously re-scheduled until the agenda is freezed, based on availability and requests of participants. The agenda will keep changing until the moment of its publication.
  • Agendas freezing: once agendas are frozen, appointments are set for a certain day and a certain time. At this point, you can print your Agenda and prepare for the meetings. 
  • Red time slots: these are the time slots when you are not available.